1985 Pontiac Parisienne

Here is a shot of me standing beside one of the most influential cars of my life, one that holds the top spot in the Hall of Fame. This picture was taken sometime in late 1989, and the car must have had about 55000-60000 km on the clock by then.

For 13 years, this car provided faithful daily driver service before succumbing to the ravages of corrosion. At close to 180000 km it had to be put out of its misery due to the rear suspension basically having rusted to pieces. A badly leaking gas tank made it prohibitive to try and fix it, not to mention the extensive rust damage to the roof underneath the vinyl top. But while it was in its prime, it gained quite a following...

The Gory Details

The car was purchased brand new in late summer 1985 off a Pontiac lot, with 17 km on it. Fully loaded except for a mid-level Delco AM/FM/tape radio, it was a rolling luxury liner with dark blue plush velour seats and more than ample interior room. The subdued exterior color worked well with the chrome wire wheel covers, bumpers and trim to give it a restrained yet menacing appearance.

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