2011: Slight distraction!

This was a bizarre year. Neither my 1998 Ram Air nor my GTA saw much use in the first half (or more!) of the year. Notice a new arrival, a fully loaded low mileage 1978 Trans Am to replace my high mileage other '78. Because of the low mileage, there were a number of things I needed to address on this car so it meant that the other 2 cars got little to no use for the first portion of the year!

My main concerns for the GTA were, along with the failing headlamp motors, the ratty sounding exhaust leak around the catalytic converter and possibly the muffler, as well as the slightly weeping water pump. Due to work concerns, these things kept getting pushed back as the weeks progressed, until late in the summer I finally snapped and forced myself to put the car on the road... I told myself, if anything blows then I will be forced to fix it, but if it doesn't at least I'll have put some mileage on the car and gone through some old fuel!

And here's the bizarre thing... every year, the same thing happens: I start the season fretting about all the things I need to do, and then by mid season I panic and force myself to forget about all the things I need to do on the car and just drive it. And then I realize just how much I enjoy driving this car, and I suddenly forget about all the things needing to be done!

And I remember just why I kept this car all these years.

Getting reacquainted with it in the Fall brought back good memories of the Fall of 1993.

Just like the past several years, before I know it it's time to put the car away. Will I actually hit 140000 km next year? Ever?

This time around, I made sure to park the GTA in such a way as to block the 1998 Ram Air from moving first! LOL! So, the plan for 2012 is that the GTA will get priority for the first time in many years!