Finishing Touches

The next time I saw the car, I nearly cried. The gooey black fender and nose piece back on the car and straight as an arrow.

...with all the right curves in all the right places.

The Spoiler

With the car in such capable hands, a decision was made to have a new fiberglass spoiler shipped up to replace the cracking original urethane unit. At this point it was all coming out of my pocket so after some careful research, Hawk's Third Gen was chosen to provide the new unit. Unfortunately shipping was slow and complicated (more so than with other large items from other providers, for some reason).

It's well known that original spoilers begin to rust from the inside out. By the time the urethane starts to split there is likely already a considerable amount of internal deterioration that has occurred. I could hardly wait to find out what was underneath all this.

Yup, it was ugly alright.

With the new wing painted and in place, it was obvious that the dimensions are not 100% factory accurate. The new wing is ever so slightly narrower. The mounting hardware that was shipped with the unit contained no instructions (and was missing to begin with) and it made the wing sit far too high. Luckily, the shop owner made all the necessary modifications and the wing fit is satisfactory, and likely will pass for original to the untrained eye (not so much to a GTA nut, I'd be honest).

At this point it was clear I had made the absolute best choice in body shop, without the slightest doubt. And I am somewhat feeling guilty over the delays that I might have brought to his operations during the wait for the spoiler and then the missing hardware.