2004: Change of Address

With the totally inoperative A/C, the car only saw limited duty for 2003 and 2004. Our daily commutes of driving our son every morning before we went to work was taking its toll on my love of driving, and the crazy driving patterns of my neighborhood were sapping whatever was left... I just did not feel safe leaving the house!

On some cold fall days in 2003, the GTA did serve to try out some 'test drives' from a new home development in another totally different neighborhood. So that's a hint of what's to come later! But for now, the GTA needed some battery tending to get up and going for 2004.

With the help of my young copilot, we pulled the battery charger off the car that weekend morning and fired up the car.

Things appeared to have gone well.

And that was one really dirty crusty black car that pulled out of the garage that morning!

The sharp eye will have noticed the "For Sale" sign on the front lawn! That's right... we finally got fed up of the neighborhood and the commute and moved to a new development. Obviously with a whirlwind construction schedule of 3.5 months, there was no time to spend on this car but it did get cleaned up for its maiden voyage to its new address.

So that Sunday morning, before the Big Move, I tucked the car into its dedicated location in the new garage. It didn't see much use that hot summer, with the inoperative A/C, but it did see a few solo outings.