14 Years old...

On May 28th, 2001, the car returned to the road after a long slumber for the winter season. Not that the winter was any longer than usual (one of my other F-bodies was out on the streets by mid April) but because of business reasons, I was forced to travel extensively throughout the Spring of 2001. So, on its birthday, I decided it was best to start racking up the miles on the car for 2001.

The car began 2001 with 109314 kilometers (67925 miles) on the clock. With all the work I did on the car during 2000, I was expecting at least an entire year of trouble-free operation and the car did deliver nicely. Lots of long distance trips, two of them bringing me to Toronto to meet with their local F-body club. And I made sure to participate in a few car gatherings as well, just to round out the yearly activities.

By mid-summer, I was having a blast. The number of fuel bills I had stashed in my console was a testament to the amount of time I was spending behind the wheel of this car. With the relatively dry summer we had for 2001, the only reason I didn't put more mileage on the car was simply due to being away on business... otherwise, I tried to keep this car on the road as often as possible. By the end of July, the odometer was reading 113000 km. Still young by most standards, I never worried once about the car's reliability on these long trips.

Best of all, it was a good feeling to be able to use the car for daily use such as groceries or just the regular commute to and from work. As long as it wasn't raining, this car was sure to be seen out and about.

But best of all was introducing my newborn son to the world of cars by starting with my all-time favorite...

So 2001 ended leaving a grand total of just over 114000 km on the car (~71000 miles for the metrically challenged). Hopefully, next year will prove just as enjoyable a year.

Old reliable watching as its owner works on F-body #2