2009: New Tires

Another great start... a lovely screw right in the front tire, causing a medium rate leak. Since I don't shy away from rain driving with this car, I determined it might be a good time to swap out the 6 year old tires (after about 35000 km on them).

At the same time, I decided to rid myself of the wobbly front rotors with new GM units. The originals had warped by 10000 km with easy driving, and had been turned a few times. Each time they warped soon enough. I had had enough of this cycle. Along with this came new bearing hubs and pads, as well.

Along with the new tires came some replacement tie-rod ends.

A power steering flush was also performed. Actually, a double flush... it was that dirty in there!

All this along with the new GS-D3 tires helped reduce a lot of the steering instability. Looks more and more like the rack is ultimately to blame in this problem. That's something for another year, though.