2005: More photo ops

The car didn't travel as much as usual for 2005... there were a variety of reasons. It was combination of the reduced need to shuttle my oldest son around while we went to work (because my wife was at home for a year with our youngest son), the lack of desire to install an infant seat in the car (it was much easier to just toss everyone in the bigger 4 door Marauder), the GTA being more child-friendly with its now-functional A/C, and the crazy amount of driving I did with my 1978 Trans Am which was freshened up slightly with new suspension and exhaust.

Nonetheless, there were a few occasions where an F-body was required and there was a threat of rain. Our summer was so blisteringly hot and sunny that whatever rain did fall was usually accompanied by a thunderstorm. As such the photo opportunities with this car were not as easy or plentiful (especially with all the time I spent on the new house and our youngest son), but there were a few. Specifically, in late August, I decided to take a few shots for posterity.

With 86674 km on the clock, the snow flew and the car was tucked away for a few months in preparation for what will most likely be a busy 2006!