2005: Carefree Driving

2005 began in a rather special fashion: the birth of my second son. The month of March was partly spent in the garage waiting for the birth to happen, and part of it spent enjoying his company. As such, April saw some effort spent in charging up the original battery (7 years old!) and changing the oil in preparation for the season. And also playing around with some trick photography.

We had a pretty mild spring... I had the GTA on the road fairly early, taking advantage of the cooler air because the A/C was still non-functional. By early May, I finally got around to plating this one and had that on the road as well. With my wife home with our second son, I did not have to commute as far with our oldest boy. Lots of easy-going driving to and from work. In all honesty, the Marauder had gone beyond getting on my nerves and so the WS6 was the preferred commuter.

Rain or shine...

As usual, the car continued to deliver a rock solid driving experience. Even after 7 years and over 80000 km on the road in all driving scenarios possible, the engine continues to amaze me with the flexibility and incredible power band. There really is no best range in which to operate that motor... you can cruise at 2600 RPM for fun:

... or lug it down to just off idle (idle is 900-1000 RPM) when gently gliding around the neighborhood. In both cases, the motor runs just fine and keeps delivering clean and efficient power: look at the odometer reading and fuel gage... almost 100 km on that tankful and the needle hasn't even budged!

Sure the gage sweep isn't as linear as it used to be before the fuel level sender was swapped out under warranty in 2000, but consider the following photo showing the fuel level after almost 400 km of driving (mostly highway on this particular tankful).

In fact, if I don't get over 500 km on an average regular tankful of commuting to and from work without really paying close attention to economical driving, I think I'd have something to worry about. Can't ask for any better than that from a 350 hp monster that can rip off 30+ MPG on highway trips and still abuse any Mustang of its choice.