2004: the new home base

The biggest news for 2004 on all fronts, automotive and otherwise, was the new house. While the first half of the year was reserved for the stress of prepping and selling one house, building another one from the ground up in a new development, and coordinating what turned out to be a massive move, July was greeted by fresh surroundings and a new neighborhood to explore. A nice new garage, too!

In all honesty, rare was the moment when any of my cars were clean. There just wasn't any time left to clean a car, but on the odd occasion where it worked out, I did try to take relaxing evening drives to a car gathering now and again.

With as busy a year as we had, all I had time to do was drive and work, drive and work. Lots of highway mileage was put on the car for 2004, and fuel economy continued to be outstanding with continued 21-23 mpg combined mileage results. A truly outstanding powertrain.