2010: The Home Stretch (W72)


The end was finally in sight. The stripes were getting applied, and it was time to finalize all the little bits and pieces that either broke or were deemed unworthy of reuse.


Not all went smoothly... a number of stripes were faulty and we had to wait for replacements to be sent out. This happened here and there around the car.





My "hybrid Bandit" was coming together at last. Note the "regular" chrome window trim (front and rear) instead of the blacked-out trim used on real Special Edition cars. I didn't care, I wanted mine to be unique. We waited on the remaining stripes before applying the larger 1979 style text decals (which was a good thing, as we'll soon see).


Another personal preference thing: using the "regular" blacked out grille inserts instead of the gold units. Not a big deal for my "hybrid".